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Types of Fulfillment

By Doug
December 17, 2021

There are predominantly 2 different options when packing and shipping orders (known as fulfillment) from your customers. These options are:

  1. 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) - this is where you outsource the packing and shipping of your orders to another company known as a 3PL company. This 3PL company has their own warehouse where you send your products to. They store your products and when an order is completed successfully in Subamplify, it then gets sent to their system. From there, they automatically pack and ship your orders for you.

  2. In-house - this is where you stock products yourself (e.g in your house) and also pack and ship these orders too.

The default fulfillment service option is "Manual". This means that the packing and shipping of orders will be done in-house by the store owner.

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